Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Placement Exams

I have placement exams during my grad school orientation, and the whole saga begins this coming weekend. I know I'll have to take exams in music history, music theory, and ear training - not to mention an audition for placement in large ensembles and chamber music groups.

But every time I crack a book, or look at the Hindemith and Debussy excerpts I'm supposed to be practicing, I suddenly think of so many more enjoyable things I could be doing - things like cleaning the toilet, or banging my head against a wall.

Or better yet, pulling out my sewing machine and altering old clothing for new and updated looks. Or making cookies, jams, and the most delicious homemade tomato sauce recipe imaginable with fresh tomatoes from my garden.

I met with a friend a few days ago to do some studying. Within five minutes of opening our textbooks she was popping Advil and I was wishing we had access to something even stronger.

One of these days I'll stop finding domestically rewarding ways to justify my procrastination from studying.

Maybe tomorrow.

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