Friday, April 9, 2010

U by Kotex Commercial

When I saw this on T.V. recently I laughed aloud, and couldn't stop laughing. Nathan wasn't quite sure what was so funny, so maybe only women will be amused, but this is definitely the funniest, most attention-grabbing commercial I've seen in a long time.

I'm trying to restrain myself from saying anything else on the subject so my Dad, who's probably reading this, doesn't blush, but I can't help it, so here goes.

I read in this New York Times article that the original ad used the word "vagina" at some point, and was rejected by all the major networks because of it. Now I don't think the world really needs empowering monologues about ladyparts, or overt use of certain terminology in commercials in order to signify how our nation champions the feminist cause. However, I do find myself curious why I hear phrases like "contact your doctor if your erection lasts longer than four hours" on T.V. all the time, but the word "vagina" is apparently taboo. Is it because children watch T.V.? Because, the thing is, if I had a kid, I'd probably rather explain to them what a vagina is than discuss an erection. I'm just saying.

Anyway, just watch the video, everyone, and have a good laugh. And according to the Times article, we can expect more humorous commercials in the coming months!

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  1. For the record, Dad really laughed hard. In fact, he's still laughing. In his words, "That's a brilliant commercial...especially the cat!"