Friday, January 30, 2009

Shaw's 1/29

I had a good shopping trip at Shaw's yesterday:

Total Spent: $47.75
Preferred Savings: $54.68
Manufacturer's Coupon Savings: $28.25
Store Coupon Savings: $12.30

I was thrilled to get so much meat and cheese for my carnivorous husband, and at such a good price. Usually, half of the meat I got would have cost $47 by itself! In fact, only two of the six packages of Perdue nuggets I got are pictured. I'm a little ashamed to admit to buying that many nuggets, but I spent three dollars on all six packages, and Nathan loves that junk. Three of the four packages of sausage will go right into our chest freezer, and with another package I'll make lasagna over the weekend. I'll freeze the two packages of kielbasa, too, and most of the Perdue nuggets. The beef roast is in the crockpot with carrots, parsnips, and rutabaga for dinner tonight, and I got five pounds of potatoes, two pounds of onions, and one pound of carrots free for buying the roast. All that cheese pictured (one chunk, one bag shredded, and four packages Kraft singles) was dirt cheap with coupons, and Nathan is a happy husband with meat, cheese, and crackers at his fingertips - oh, and those little Oreo 100 calorie packs, too, which I made a profit buying. Not a bad shopping trip!

I also stocked up on some great stuff at Walgreens and CVS today (makeup, men's shampoo, food to donate to the local food pantry, Stacy's pita chips, and more) for a total of $0.67 cents spent out of pocket, a near-break-even with Extra Care Bucks (I got back almost as many as I spent), and a savings of $99.00 - and I'll get a $10 rebate!

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