Friday, January 30, 2009

Holy Wisdom, Love Most Bright

I had an idea for decorating without spending any money, and this is how it turned out:

The frame was lying around in a cupboard (someday maybe I'll put it in a black frame instead, but for now I'm happy with it in one we already had), and the paper was in my craft supplies box. I just wrote out the simple melody line and jotted the text underneath it. It's a beautiful text and FavoriteBoy and I love the piece, as we love all Bach. It might be a unique way of decorating, but I like it.


  1. Sarah, I really like that. I might copy you someday!

    I wonder how it would look embroidered? It wouldn't be hard, just back-stitching, and maybe some French knots for the quarter and eighth notes . . .