Friday, February 29, 2008

The Best Medicine

Nathan and I and our friend Holly watched the two-part season finale to the television show Monk this evening, and I got a healthy dose of the best medicine - I laughed until I cried.

If you haven't seen these recent episodes, don't miss out! In a particularly hilarious scene, Natalie comes downstairs in her home with a cordless drill, and Randy, who has let himself in, asks what the drill is for. To disguise the fact that she's harboring Monk - currently, alas, a fugitive - and planning to use the drill to get his handcuffs off, Natalie lies and claims that her blender is broken and she was planning to use her drill to mix a smoothie. Randy says something to the effect of, "Don't let me stop you," and Natalie proceeds to throw into her blender:

a banana
granola (or something like that - maybe wheat germ?)
instant coffee granules or coffee grounds
peanut butter
ice cubes
maple syrup

She plunges her drill bit into the mixture for a few minutes and then pours herself a glass, with ice cubes and chunks of fruit and nuts falling into the glass with big splashes. She boldly takes a sip, all in the name of keeping Randy unaware that Monk is currently in her home, and then wipes her mouth and says, "Mm, mm. Yeah, that's just what I needed." Randy looks at the top of the glass and asks, "Is that oil in there?" and Natalie replies, "That is oil. It's from the grounds, so it's organic. It just really lubricates your organs, so... it's good."

I laughed so hard I cried. I made Nathan rewind it and let me watch the scene three more times. And I'm still laughing an hour later.

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