Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother-Daughter Picture

The day before Mom's brain aneurysm burst, she emailed me a picture. It's a pretty special picture and I like to look at it a lot.

The night after I got her email - the night of the disaster - was a scary one. I was waiting up all night for news while making flight plans and crying and praying with FavoriteBoy and Melissa. I think I looked at this picture about a hundred times that night.

Here's what Mom's email said:

Hi Ziz,

I ran across this photo tonight. This was just a few days before Jonathan was born. He was in a breech position and they had me lying tilted upside down to give him room to turn. You were so worried. You covered me up with your blanket and then just stood there, thumb in mouth. We talked, I sang (yup, while having a serious blood rush to my head!), I told stories, I read to you. Each time, you never left until I got up. So you were the only one there when Jonathan decided to turn a somersault!

Fun memories!

Call and let us know how Nathan's performance went!

Love you,

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