Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Late-Night Silliness

FavoriteBoy: Hey, will you bring me some cookies and ice cream?
SarahMarie: It's getting late... don't you think we should get to bed?
FavoriteBoy: Oh. Well, I was testing you. You failed.
SarahMarie: Huh?
FavoriteBoy: Yeah. You're supposed to submit to me!

FavoriteBoy has always been able to make me laugh harder than I'd ever laughed in my life until I met him. Tonight we were both laughing for twenty minutes straight at one anothers' antics.

On another note, only my husband would sit at the piano, inspired by my violin practice and his own bizarre imagination, and begin to play the accompaniment to the Habanera from 'Carmen' and then, over that, play a modal 'What Child Is This?'

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