Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Nine Lives?

I haven't quite figured out what kind of life I want to have.

Right now, I am 22 years old and entering my final year of college towards an undergraduate degree in music.

Five years from now, I might like to be... in a house in the country with a vegetable garden, a flower garden, a nice big lawn, a dog, some chickens, and a cowboy hat and boots to complete the picture. ("I guess that's just the cowgirl in me...") in a big city, in a cute and modern little apartment with framed black and white classy photographs on my walls, wearing stylish skirts or dresses, going out in the evenings and drinking martinis in a sophisticated yet responsible fashion. in California, enjoying the sunshine and staying near family and friends.

...a happy mother bouncing a chubby baby on my hip while multi-tasking to accomplish dozens of daily household chores: doing dishes, paying bills, vaccuuming, scrubbing, diaper-changing, baby-feeding, and preparing meals for a husband.

...a musician, playing my violin in a symphony orchestra and being wildly successful.

...a violin teacher, helping young children love music.

...a college professor, having already obtained my masters and doctoral degrees, teaching music history and violin lessons.

...a writer of some sort, holding a graduate degree in literature or writing, and providing the world with charming anecdotes of my everyday life and thoughts.

...or who knows what else...

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