Monday, July 18, 2005

I love studying music at Gordon College. In fact, I'm so blessed; I've had wonderful experiences at all three of the schools I've attended. Many of my class experiences over the past four years have been wonderful in expanding and training my mind; wonderful for my life as a Christian as well as my life as a musician.

However, periodically I think how much there is that I want to learn that I haven't learned yet (mostly through my own fault of laziness). Latin (I don't remember very much of what I learned in highschool), Greek, philosophy, theology, history, science, literature, music, and so much more. No matter how much I know about a given subject, there is always so much more! Today I used my lunch break to look at the website for New Saint Andrews College. A few of my friends from highschool ended up going there, and their curriculum has always impressed me. (Unfortunately, their theology doesn't, so it's never been the place for me.)

Still, I sometimes wish I had an education of the sort NSA has to offer. While a degree of that sort might not make a person a shoe-in for a high-paying job the way a degree in computer science or engineering would, it strikes me as great preparation for a life of faith and a life of the mind, which is what really matters. If I end up being a wife and a mother someday, the things I'd learn at a place like NSA are the things that would be really important, anyway. Lately I find myself thinking more and more about how I can be prepared for those sorts of tasks - raising children to love and serve the Lord, bringing them up in the ways of righteousness, helping them acquire knowledge and wisdom, helping them develop a life-long love of learning, and much more. Helping them grow up to be more than I am, really. I see so many of my own shortcomings (spiritual, intellectual, and otherwise) and I would want to avoid those in my children wherever possible. (For example, I didn't make the most of my educational opportunities, and I often regret that now.) How on earth does one go about the task of being a parent? It's monumental, really... it both frightens and excites me.

There is so much that I don't know... but the world around me is filled with information and knowledge, and books make great teachers!

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