Tuesday, March 30, 2004

This may be one of the best websites I've ever seen. Canon Dale Owen is a genius. A progressive genius, might I add. Go, and read his website. Read his blog of peace, too. If only we could all be more like Canon Owen, this world would be a better (and more groovy) place.

Here's a sample of his enlightened thinking:

Today I saw a flower. It was a little flower, smaller than all the rest. I knelt down before it and said, "Hey there, little flower. God is groovy." The flower waved in the soft breeze and I felt a glow of self-awareness. Not just the flower was groovy. I was groovy. Look at what I had done! How many people notice a flower and speak to it? How many people take time to smell the roses, let alone commune with them? The wonderful thing is this. . . you too can be groovy. You too can speak to the flowers and learn to be groovy.

And one more sample:

Today I heard a young man say, "You don't understand me" to his mother in the grocery line. This lad wanted some candy. The mother stood there over him with all the authority given to her by years of oppressive culture and said, "No." How I dread those words! I went forward in the line and put a gentle hand on the lad's shoulder, "Here, young person. Here is your candy. God wants you to have it." He looked at me with tears streaming down his face, "Thank you, mister." he said. "No thanks to me," I said. "God never says no to you."

The lady in line began to become upset. "You will spoil the boy!" she cried. "Yes," I said, "just as God spoils us with rainbows, roses, and kittens." She looked at me with incomprehension and took away the candy. "No." she said. The boy understood. He began to cry. How I wished I could have helped him, but the state protects abusive parents.

So my message to you today, gentle reader: Go eat the candy. Eat it all. Eat until you are sated. There is no heavenly Mommy saying, "No." Our warm Earth Mother Below says, "Eat and be gods."

Amen and amen. Canon Dale Owen is my hero.

(Of course, you should definitely click his links JMNR: The Satan and Why We Fight as well...)

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