Thursday, March 11, 2004

I am now back from Story's house in Virginia via Janna's house in Delaware. Time to update my little map thingy, since on the trip I went through Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, D.C., and PA. Some of which I had been to before, but some of which were new to me. Oh, what fun. I had a really great time. Sunday afternoon I went into D.C. with Story and her little sibs. We went to the National Air and Space Museum and a museum of art, and we had a picnic lunch on the grass right in the middle of everything... we could see the Washington Monument, the Capitol building, etc! I just had such a good time being with Story and her siblings... cooking, cleaning, reading to kids, playing with kids, holding kids... it was great. Then on Tuesday I took a bus back up to Delaware and stayed at Janna's house that night before coming back to Gordon. She spent Wednesday morning driving me through Philly and showing me some of the sights (well, since there's not much to see in Delaware, haha Janna!), which was super fun. Oh, and I also found time to start Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (finally!) while I was at Story's house, and then I finished it on the bus ride back to Delaware and the drive back to campus with Janna. Yay!

So here's the new map. I might be forgetting some states I've been to, though.

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