Monday, September 29, 2003

New Room

So this morning at 8 am was my first New Testament exam of the semester. I already know my grade (oh, the joys of knowing your TA personally)... it's not bad all things considered. My weekend was SO busy - I moved from my original housing situation in an on-campus apartment into my own room in a dorm here, for various reasons. Now I have a room all to myself, and my own bathroom too! It's like living in a hotel... except a little bit more ghetto. heh. But still, I'm happy. My apartment situation wasn't so great for me. This is nice. So, with everything going on in my life, I didn't have time to study until late last night. Oh, and being my lazy self, I hadn't done any of the readings assigned so far, not really, so I basically had about 400 pages of material to cover in a night. So, my grade. Not bad, but not wonderfully good either. I'll do better next time. Next time I'll get a solid A.

I'm lonely. I wish someone would call me, or come visit me, or... I don't know what I wish. I wish I didn't have so much homework. I wish I didn't suck at the violin. I wish I weren't so lazy. I wish I felt like I had friends here who liked having me around. I wish I were optimistic. hah.

I wish someone would read my blog and fall hopelessly in love with me.

I mean... errh... my other blog... the one that is charming and witty and intelligent and articulate and would make me seem like a wonderfully desirable person. Yeah.

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