Thursday, December 4, 2014

Advent, Days 3 & 4 {and our cocoa recipe}

Our daily Advent activities have continued with a mix of the simple and the even simpler -- although we do have bigger things coming up over the next few days.

Wednesday was an evening cup of cocoa, and when you're 2.5 and you've only ever had cocoa once before in your life, this is no trivial thing.  Especially when served up in your very own little reindeer mug.

First, you have to wait patiently while it cools a bit.  {Pour the toddler's cocoa first so it gets the most cooling time!  But you might miscalculate and it still might be a bit too hot.}

As she finished the last sip, Nell smiled up at me sweetly, contentedly, and said,

"Mommy, do you wemember when I peed in mine underwear?"

Yes, yes, I do.

A special family bonding moment.

* * *

Around here, we do cocoa like this (recipe is for one serving):

1 c. whole milk (is there any other kind?  don't tell me.  in fact, our latest thing is raw milk! yes, really!)
1 T. cocoa powder
1 scant T. organic sugar (I've also done it with coconut sugar and with raw honey, each of which are good in their own right, but different)
a smidgen of vanilla

Serve poured over a cinnamon stick.

Easy proportions to remember.  Easy to double or triple or whatever you need for your family size.  Approved by father, mother, and daughter alike in this family!

What's your cocoa recipe?  Do you use a favorite recipe or a particularly delicious store-bought mix?  Please do tell.

* * *

Today, for the fourth day of December, the little slip of paper in the Advent calendar read, "Today we will do a special Christmas craft together."

This was what I came up with.  Nell sat on my lap as I cut out the felt pieces, eager to pick them up one by one as I worked.

I'm sure I could have done better on a less busy day, with a little more time at my disposal, and hey, maybe even a printed template instead of free-hand cutting.

"A special craft," perhaps it is not.  You won't be seeing this little fella on Pinterest anytime soon, no.

Or then again, maybe "special" is in the eye of the beholder.   The sparkling eyes of a two-and-a-half year old certainly gleamed with excitement as she arranged and re-arranged the little ornaments on her felt Christmas tree today!


  1. What a cute little reindeer mug!! Goes with the cocoa drinker quite well. : )
    You know, I have a bunch of felt that is just sitting around and I think that tree would be a perfect use for I have a 2 year old too who would really like that! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I don't know about that...I'm about to "pin it!" to mine! That's a perfect Christmas craft for little hands! :)

  3. Great photo of Nell and her cocoa. Don't you need an Autometrix cutter? Dad