Monday, September 9, 2013

Nell Goes to Costco

On Sunday afternoon, our friends Chaz and Jillian asked if we'd like to accompany them on a trip to Costco, where Chaz has a membership.  Since my Sunday morning had consisted of waking up too early, meals and naps and diapers and potty trips with Nell, and being housebound since Nathan had my car for the morning, a trip to Costco pretty much sounded like a trip to Disneyland... maybe better.

Nell liked riding in the cart; she tried out the seat in front for a while, but found she preferred to stand in the back of the cart and wiggle around to her heart's content.

From there she had samples of bread, cheese, and other Costco delights.

{The wiggling accounts for the blurriness, of course.}

We found a giant stuffed panda, which Nell thought was pretty great.

{No, we didn't buy it for her.  We're stingy like that.}

But we did share a slice of cheese pizza, Nell and I.

{Actually, it was too much even for the two of us to eat!}

After eating our respective pizza slice and hot dog, Jillian and I decided that trying Costco frozen yogurt was necessary.

The verdict?  It's no Pinkberry, to be sure, but they certainly do give you a lot of it.

All in all, I think Nell loved her outing to Costco!

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  1. We country folks feel about the same way regarding our monthly trips to Costco. Samples, gigantic stuffed animals and huge play sets to admire, the chance for a hot dog or frozen yogurt... Good stuff! I always plan to make it an outing - we just can't get out of there quickly. There is just too much for the kids to look at.

    And last time I was at Costco, I saw a guy order two of those pizza slices and eat them... Yikes!