Thursday, June 6, 2013

that time it was Mother's Day

Remember how - almost a month ago - it was Mother's Day?

{Let me just say again how having a sick baby can and will bring your life to a screeching halt.  I'm still back-blogging little life things from a month ago!}

I guess whether it was my first or my second Mother's Day kind of depends on how you want to look at it, because last year on Mother's Day, I was in early labor, and this year on Mother's Day, I was holding an almost-one-year-old in my lap.

I liked this one much, much better.

However, it looks like Nell may not have shared my assessment of the day.

She lodged a formal complain about the kind of mother she landed herself with.  You know, the kind of mother who takes her baby out to lunch during nap time.  The nerve of those kinds of mothers!

But Nell, it was Daddy's fault!  Unbeknownst to my friend Cara and me, your Dad and Gregg conspired and made plans to take us out to a Mother's Day lunch with you and baby Ian!

And you really were having a good time...

...until you weren't anymore.  Tired girl.

After lunch, we took you home for a nap, and then spent the afternoon and evening getting some annuals planted in the yard.  That was always what we did for my Mom on Mother's Days in years gone by, and I wouldn't mind it becoming a tradition in our family now, too.

Of all my various undertakings in my life, being a mother has been my favorite adventure by far.

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