Friday, November 16, 2012

it's the little things

I love Fridays, although I'm not really sure why, since as a musician I don't exactly get a 'normal' weekend.  Tomorrow I'm teaching from 9:45 to 5:15!

Busy schedule aside, the past two weeks have been filled with good little things for us.


My section leader 'sponsored' my chair for our Mahler concert last weekend, and it appeared in the program: "Sponsored to welcome Nell Cecilia."  What a sweet gesture!


I got to see my Dad's company at their Boston trade show.  

Pretty fun to see my 'little' brother in a management role these days, too.


This cuteness happened:

Nell 'helping' Dad get some work done, swaddled up and ready for bed.  At least one of them appears to be having an enjoyable time.


I stepped out of a rehearsal last week to the first snowfall of the season!


A pair of baby shoes I made for Abby's daughter Natalie three and a half years ago have come full circle to adorn my own daughter's feet.

Thanks for including them in the bag of hand-me-down shoes, Abby!


We voted!


My brother-in-law Andrew watched Nell for 30 minutes for me while I taught a violin lesson.  When I went upstairs afterwards, I found her sitting happily on his bed, "wearing" his brown dress shoes (and no pants... some people forget to put them back on after doing a diaper change, it seems).

Yes, you can always count on my blog for some blurry photos with horrible coloring.  Hey, at least the subject of the photo is as cute as can be.


Is there anything more beautiful than the Agnus Dei from Faure's Requiem?

That, and everything else about All Saints' Day at my church, was so moving and beautiful.


Mustard yellow tights for $6.  Now the question: will I actually be brave enough to wear them anywhere besides my trip to the grocery store this morning?

Coming soon:

Nell's six month post, snapshots of my time with my family last week, and a few of the funny things my students have been saying lately.

'It's the little things' is just my way of remembering weekly the small things as well as the momentous ones; the little everyday things that make life good.

Want to participate by blogging about some of the little things that made your week good?  Use the link-up feature!  Remember to link to your specific post, and not just your blog homepage.

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  1. You're welcome! All of my girls got such good use out of those shoes! I'm happy to see they are now adorning such cute little feet :) It always makes me a little sad to give away the baby baby things (especially cute homemade things) but it definitely seems right that they should belong to Nell!