Wednesday, November 14, 2012

at the mall

This morning, Nell and I went to the mall in search of baby socks.

I left with five pairs of Baby GAP socks ($10), but not before wandering around a bit... and composing a few mental notes in my head.

* * *

Dear Baby GAP,

Please don't think that because I only bought socks, I don't ardently admire all your baby clothes, because believe me - I do.  Corduroy pants, peplum tops, knitted sweaters, and polka dotted tights?  Be still, my heart.  I may not have the money to afford such items, but I do have the cutest of babies, so if you ever feel like using her as a model and letting us keep the clothes, just let me know.  I think my baby and your clothes would be a match made in heaven.

* * *

Dear Stride Rite,

My goodness, do people really pay $50 for baby shoes?  While I find your prices a little crazy for something my girl would outgrow in a few months, I must compliment you for carrying those baby Sperrys I saw in the window.  Baby Sperrys.  Sheer genius.

* * *

Dear Starbucks,

Everything emanating from beneath your green sign smells delicious.  I saw that you have gingerbread, and resolved to bake some soon.  You were probably hoping I'd buy yours.  Sorry about that.

* * *

Dear Aldo,

You have some pretty perfect riding boots.  I'm kind of hoping that my husband will buy me some for Christmas.  (Now if only he actually read this blog, this could serve as some kind of none-too-subtle hint.)

* * *

Dear Godiva,

Thanks for having that free chocolate of the month thing.  You probably hate people like me who come and pick up their free chocolate and then don't buy anything else, but I sure enjoyed my roasted almond truffle.

* * *

Dear JCPenney,

I used your store as my means of entrance and exit to the mall today.  To my surprise (no offense), I walked past some clothes that looked cute.  I might come back sometime and try on a few things.  Way to go with getting some cool stuff in your store.

* * *

Dear woman-who-said-hello-and-asked-how-old-my-baby-was,

I really enjoyed chatting with you, and hearing you share with me, a complete stranger, that you just found out that you're pregnant.  I meant what I said.  I think it's going to be the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you and your husband.  Babies are cute, and other peoples' babies are fun and all, but your own baby - that's an indescribable joy, and you're going to love it.

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