Monday, July 30, 2012

on parenthood and reading to kids

Recently I was telling Nathan how, if I forget to take this whole parenting thing one day at a time, it can get a little overwhelming.  Right now I feel like I can handle the diapers and night feedings, but when I think ahead to having to really parent this precious girl as she gets older, well, am I really going to be up to the task of raising her to be an obedient child, a morally and ethically upright person, an individual capable of contributing to society and making the world a better place?

I said to Nathan, "Right now, getting up with her twice in the night to feed her is totally doable, but will I be able to read her the same books 500 times apiece?"

Nathan's contribution to the conversation was this:

"I get dibs on the first reading of each book, and you can take it from there."


  1. Isn't it great to know that Nathan is willing to do his part? I so enjoy these little reports! And yes, the whole raising kids to be decent people still strikes fear and trembling in my heart too. As well it should, I think! And I thank God that I know He is there to help. It would crushing (and ultimately impossible) if I were trying to do it on my own!
    And I shouldn't have said decent - I think we should be aiming for a far higher bar than that. But my iPad won't let me go back and edit what I already typed. Grr.

  2. It helps to have terrific children in the fist place. I think you've got that one accomplished!

    1. fiRst place, FIRST place, NOT "fist flace"