Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the beginning of the end

Today marked the first day of classes for both Nathan and me... the first day of our last semesters of grad school.

The time has really flown by. Compared to four years of undergrad, two years of a master's program feels really short.

Nathan had an 8:00 am class.

So naturally, I got up early to make him breakfast.


Naturally, I was still snuggled in bed when he left at 6:15 to drive into Boston.

I had class at 3:00 pm. Much more reasonable, don't you think?

I may not have made breakfast, but I did make dinner for the two of us. Garlic basil linguine from Trader Joe's with alfredo sauce! (Which, by the way, is so easy to make that I never understand why people buy the stuff in a jar that has like twenty unpronounceable ingredients...)

His version:

Her version:


In four months, if all goes according to plan, we'll both be masters.

And parents!

Yes, big things ahead for us. May should be an exciting month.

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  1. Both look delicious. You are such a good cook!