Saturday, January 28, 2012

a text message conversation

A series of text messages with the man who currently has five staplers lined up on his dresser:

Sarah: Hey, where are you?
Nathan: At Staples. If only we were rich... so many staplers!!
Sarah: Yes, I wish we were rich too... so we could have more... staplers... which we really need more of... of course...
Nathan: It's my hobby! Don't hate!
Sarah: Stapling things doesn't count as a hobby, weirdo!
Nathan: Collecting staplers does.
Sarah: haha ok.

He did indeed arrive home with another stapler. He insists that he had to buy it because this particular variety has been discontinued, making this his final chance at owning this magnificent stapler. We're at six staplers and counting, not including the little one I still have from my college days.

Are there support groups for this sort of disorder?


  1. This is definitely one of the weirdest posts I've read on here. :)

  2. So, does he have one as cool as the stapler he got us? The one that you barely squeeze and it fires a staple! I do hope so!