Saturday, November 19, 2011

happy things

Number One

in improvisation class:
Pierre (taking attendance): and Sarah is here...
Wei-Ting: and her baby!

Number Two

later in class:
me: sneezed
classmates: bless you
Wei-Ting: and bless your baby!

Number Three

upon playing a trio with my husband and my brother-in-law:
Maggie: yay, it's all four Skinners!
me: momentarily confused, then happy

these are happy things because yes, there's another person with me at all times, and, while I think about this constantly, I don't expect others to, and when they do, it makes me smile.

it blows my mind on a daily basis that I'm growing a real person with not only fingers and toes {we hope so anyway} but also a personality; a unique individual whom I just happen to have the privilege of housing for the next five-ish months.

{and then 18-21 years after that I suppose.}

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