Sunday, July 17, 2011

Odds and Ends... and Bugs

We have internet at the new house! This makes life much more convenient. I've been taking pictures of the rooms and projects we've been working on, but haven't had time to upload them and sort through them all. Things are busy, between scraping old paint, stripping wallpaper, laying new paint, hanging curtains, and scrounging yard sales and estate sales for much-needed furniture.

In the meantime, I did snap a picture with my iPhone back at the old house that sums up the state of things I arrived home to after NOI.

See that? That's a couple of toolbelts hung on the wall where there were formerly three wall hangings.

Looking closer, you can observe the dead bug, squashed squarely on the wall and left there.

Ah, life with two men in the house!

[I should note that the aforementioned men had packed boxes and boxes of things for our move, laid tile in the upstairs bathroom, and much more in my absence!]

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