Saturday, May 28, 2011


When my in-laws were visiting a few weeks ago, the subject of hipsters came up - probably in a discussion of the block of Boylston St. in downtown Boston next to my grad school. There's a nice cafe there that is Hipster Central. Of course, the in-laws wanted to know what exactly defined a hipster.

Well, dear friends, if you too are wondering what a hipster is, or perhaps even how to be one, look no further. Thanks to Sam's blog young people in love {CUTE BLOG ALERT, by the way!}, I've come across a step-by-step tutorial. Here it is:

How to be a Hipster, Chapter 1: Appearance
How to be a Hipster, Chapter 2: Interests

[With more chapters yet to come, so stay tuned to verbal vomit if you're committed to this.]

My personal favorite mandate from Chapter 1 is this:

"Dig through the stale-smelling clothes and find some trousers. Then put them back on the rack and find some three sizes smaller."

{I venture that this is even more important for hipster guys than for girls, who can wear baggy pants, men's pants, or a variety of old thrifted skirt styles while still remaining true to the essence of hipsterdom.}

From Chapter 2, I love it that Joanna Newsom is on the list of required hipster listening. She's from my hometown, and I grew up playing in youth symphony with her sister, a cellist.

{I don't have a personal taste for Joanna's music, but then... I guess I'm not a hipster.}

I do like Sigur Rós...

{In limited quantities.}

And the usual suspects of hipster-friendly FILMS? I like some of those movies.

{Like Garden State and Royal Tenenbaums.}

Anyway, while I am not a hipster, I am a killer thrifter, if I do say so myself.

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  1. What does it say about me that I didn't even know there was such a thing? But after skimming through those photos, I am certainly glad that you're not one, because I'd be ashamed to be related to you. :)