Monday, May 2, 2011


Sarah, why are you posting a picture of a flag at half-mast?

Well, because I had my jury today, and turned in my final paper of the semester, thus completing my first year of grad school.

With one year down, and one to go, that makes me a half-master! A half-mast-er just like that flag!


I'm know; I'm so hilarious. Reading my blog makes you want to be my bff, doesn't it?

Sorry; that position is already taken by this guy:


I decided to photo-document the sights of Boston on my last day of school today. [Using my iPhone, since I didn't take my camera with me. You may notice that I'm currently slightly obsessed with the app Instagram. It's fun. You should get it.]

School. [The building where I had my jury.]

Various sights of Boston.

Jury finished. Time to buckle down and finish that paper. [Utilizing the free wireless at Pavement, of course.]

Paper finished. How does it feel to be done? Pretty good. [Ignore the fact that I look slightly evil. I was trying to look happy.]

It felt pretty good, however, also possibly pretty anti-climactic, because Nathan was going to be busy all evening and couldn't celebrate with me. Just when I might have been feeling that the evening would be lonely, my friend Jillian texted me and suggested she drive into Boston so we could go to Pinkberry and celebrate. [We love Pinkberry. As everyone should.]

Jillian braved the traffic to join me in the city. I waited in a Starbucks.

With a little soy misto to keep me company.

Jillian arrived! I saw a parking spot open up and I stood in it to save it for her, to protect it from the mayhem of Red Sox fans invading the city. [A guy behind me honked, and I was afraid he wanted me to move. But he just stuck his head out his window and offered to move his car back a bit to make more room for Jillian to pull into the spot. So nice. Then when he saw me snap a picture of the scene on the street, he honked again, and held up his hands as if to say, "Hey, look at this sight. Why aren't you taking a picture of me?" We laughed, he and I. People are funny.]

Jillian and I realized that really, one ought to eat dinner before eating dessert.

So we went to Pho Basil. Two curries side by side.

Two friends side by side.

Then we wandered.

[We browsed dozens of books at Urban Outfitters. And tried on shoes we weren't going to buy, just for fun.]

Then we had Pinkberry. Two frozen yogurts side by side.

[I will not say who had already devoured half of hers before I could take a picture. But it was not me.]

When I got home, I practiced my violin. [I'm of the opinion that immediately after a jury or a recital is actually the best time to practice; you can play new things for fun or practice slowly and methodically without stress or time constraints.]

Nathan came home and said to me, "Oh baby, you haven't a care in the world now."

Yep. That sounds about right.

[For tonight, anyway.]

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  1. Congratulations, Half-master! Fun window into your world!