Monday, January 31, 2011

I [Heart] Music

My friend, fellow violinist, and frequent stand partner Melissa and I have a thing we do when certain notes need a little extra, well, love. Maybe it's because they're so beautiful, maybe it's because it's a favorite part of ours to play, or maybe it's because the conductor told us to make those notes special. Whatever the reason, we, like seventh grade girls, shamelessly draw a little heart in the music when the occasion calls for it.

Are you wondering what a heart in music sounds like? The one above is in Brahms' Symphony No. 4. Start listening at 4:05 (or at the beginning if you'd like). At 4:33, well, that is what that heart sounds like.

Now you know.

You'd like another example? In the second movement, at 2:28 in the video below, that is what a heart sounds like.

I heart Brahms. I also heart our conductor for the upcoming Brahms concert this weekend, because he overflows with expression, he uses phrases like "joie de vivre," and his face positively shines sometimes. Also whereas many conductors use various vowels and consonants to express the kinds of sounds they hope to elicit from the orchestra, he is the only one I know who regularly uses lots of Z's, and I find it inspiring. "Zhaaa!" "Zheeee!" "Zhuuuum!"

Brahms, love, and joie de vivre. What a nice week this will be.

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