Monday, February 1, 2010

Military Policy, Foxes, and Chickens

Nathan and I have been talking about Obama's call to repeal current UCMJ laws regarding homosexuals in the military. I said I could understand it as an issue of discrimination - why should homosexuals be prohibited from serving their country because of (from their perspective, although I understand that some religious stances disagree on this) who they are? Conversely, I also understand the position of many in the military who believe Obama's action, should he succeed, would weaken the military or misdirect military priorities to a political agenda in a time of war. Nathan looked at the issue in part from a standpoint of practicality and appropriateness when it comes to the logistics of life in the barracks. We discussed the various scenarios:

Sarah: You could put gay men with lesbian women.

Nathan: But then the gay men are still with each other, and likewise for the women. If heterosexual men and women sharing quarters is inappropriate, then that would be, too.

Sarah: Oh, right. Well, you could put the gay guys with the heterosexual women... No wait... You could put one gay guy... with the men... No... Hmm. I guess you could put one gay guy with one lesbian woman and create hundreds of individual barracks and showers. Man, this is as complicated as that logic problem where you have to get the fox, the chicken, and the grain across the river but you can't leave the fox alone with the chicken or the chicken alone with the grain!

(Nathan cracked up laughing at my comparison!)

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