Monday, May 4, 2009

Orange Kitchen

I've been contemplating what color I want to paint the kitchen in our new house (our closing date, if all goes well, is May 25!), and I think I've decided on a sort of tangerine-ish shade. To see if I was crazy for wanting this, I searched the words "Orange Kitchen Paint" on Flickr and came up with some cute and inspiring photos that confirmed my love of this color for kitchens:

(from here)

Also, check out this picture and this picture.

Doesn't it make you happy just to look at these kitchens?

I don't want to paint all four kitchen walls tangerine; I'm thinking it would be beautiful to do two white walls and two accent walls. One of these walls would be the wall with the cabinets and counter, so the color would just peek through between counter and cabinets and wouldn't be too overwhelming. The other would be the adjacent wall behind the stove and refrigerator. Picture these walls orange...

The only problem is, Nathan, while he won't say it in so many words, seems to be partial to painting the entire interior some shade of taupe. No orange, he says (although he is open to being convinced, I think). No yellow, either, and definitely no green. Some shades of blue might or might not be acceptable, but would certainly not be preferable when compared with a color like taupe.

What do you think? Would orange make my kitchen cheerful, or would it be an overbearing color?


  1. Yes Yes Yes!! (If Nathan can be persauded. :))Orange kitchens are so cheery and wonderful. Color in the home is inspiring and beautiful.

  2. er, persuaded. :b

  3. I think it would be very fun, the only tricky thing is that orange is a really difficult colour to get right, similar to yellow. (speaking from personal experience, eek!)

  4. Since you're the one who cooks, I think you get to decide. As long as it's not 60s-color orange!

  5. I think orange sounds lovely - but be prepared to try a lot of sample colors (try those little paint pots from Benjamin Moore, if you have one around you) to get the color just right. I really wanted to do a yellow as an accent color in our school room, but could never find just the right shade. I ended up doing the main wall color instead which looks fine, especially considering how prominent that room is from the front door and the rest of the house.

    In our first house we painted our kitchen a warm reddish color - it was called cayenne which describes the color pretty well. I really liked it - it was so cheery and fun. We didn't live there long enough for me to get tired of it, but perhaps if we had stayed longer I might have.

    But you know, even if you do get tired of it, repainting is not that big of a deal - especially for such a small area. It wouldn't take that much time or cost that much either. I wouldn't let a fear of getting tired of it get in the way of doing something that would give you joy and give your kitchen a stamp of "this is mine! my first kitchen!" Even if you might look back on the pictures 10 years from now and wonder what on earth you were thinking. :-)

  6. I love the idea of orange, especially on those smaller wall spaces with your white cabinets. Just make sure it is light enough to not look Halloween-y next to your dark counters.

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