Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Pass It On" Giveaway

About a month ago my sister Emily hosted a "Pass It On" giveaway on her blog. Since she recently alerted me that I was one of the first to comment and yes, siblings are allowed to 'win,' I'm now alerting you to my participation. Here's how it works:

Since I was one of the first three to reply to Emily's post, she's going to give me something - probably something cool and handmade, if I know my sister. The catch is that I in turn get to offer to give things away to my readers who comment. I can choose how many things to give away and what kinds of things to give away. If you leave a comment saying you want to participate, you're agreeing to receive what I want to give you and to "Pass It On" yourself by hosting a similar giveaway!

I've decided to open this giveaway to five people. So, if you're one of the first five people to leave a comment saying you'd like to participate, you'll be receiving something - and it really could be anything - from me. I might make something for you, I might bake you cookies if you live nearby, or I might give you something cool I don't need anymore... you'll have to wait and see! (And if you've ever seen a craft or sewing project featured here on my blog that you were particularly fond of, feel free to drop a hint...)

I'll be sure to update my blog with winning participants and the things I decided to give them, so stay tuned!

Now, go ahead and leave a comment if you want to participate.


  1. can i play, too? p.s. so you know i am not a completely random person, i knew your brother through schola and stumbled upon your blog via a schola connection. :)

  2. Sounds like fun. I love to give things away to others over here in PNG. Not sure how you would get anything to me though. I will probably be home for Christmas.