Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Procrastination Blogging

A few weeks ago Nathan and I had the following conversation:

FavoriteBoy: Should we send out Christmas cards?
SarahMarie: Too late.
FavoriteBoy: What do you mean? We still have a few weeks before Christmas.
SarahMarie: No, I mean you're two years too late. If you wanted to send out Christmas cards you would have had to marry the Christmas-card-sending type of girl.

This conversation reflects the sad fact that I never seem to get ready for Christmas in time.

We're down to the wire: in about two hours I leave to play my violin at two consecutive church services: one evening service in Dover and one midnight mass in Peabody. Nathan will be off to play organ at his own church service. Immediately after midnight mass, it's off to the airport to await our early-morning flight out to California to spend Christmas with my family. I'm really excited, but I can't figure out why it is that, no matter how far ahead I try to prepare, I'm never ready for Christmas and I'm never ready for travel. I began making Christmas gifts back in October, but then November and December were filled with holiday concerts, teaching, and student concerts - not to mention a lot of busyness surrounding a house-hunting process that Nathan and I embarked on a few months ago. Somehow a few of those Christmas gifts are still unfinished, and here it is Christmas Eve.

Our suitcases are only half-way packed and our apartment is more than half-way messy. I love the end result of travel - getting to see family - but the process of preparation is so stressful.

I wish we could travel by quantum leap.

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