Saturday, December 15, 2007


There's a MOUSE in our apartment! I saw it scuttle from a corner of the kitchen to over behind the oven, and then, a few minutes later, it dashed under our refrigerator. By the time Nathan got home (he was practicing the organ at church) it wasn't under the fridge anymore (we checked with a flashlight) and now we don't know where it is! I have set up a trap, though: a toilet paper roll with the bottom flattened with a bit of cheese stuck inside the 'tunnel.' It is balanced precariously on the edge of the kitchen counter, with a large bin beneath it. If the mouse runs in to get the cheese, the TP roll will teeter over the edge and dump the mouse in the bin.

Now I just hope the mouse will somehow crawl up on the counter...?

And in the meantime, I'm checking every shoe and slipper before I put my foot in.


  1. Ah, those Rube Goldbergs paid off :-)


  2. Uncle Gary and I had mice so badly one year, that I'd trap one and get a neighbor to dispose of it (Gary was on a business trip) and as soon as same neighbor set the next trap and returned home, I'd have another one. Peanut butter works well! Turns out these mice were all being displaced by housing development in a nearby neighborhood. Anyway, we caught so many (they were so brazen that they would run across Matt's high chair tray!) that I found the cutest ornament -- a fabric mouse in a real mouse trap -- and it has hung on my Christmas tree for the last 30 years. It brings a smile to my face as we remember the year of the mice!
    Aunt Susan