Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The End of an Era

Last night FavoriteBoy and I finished the final episode of the final season of JAG. FavoriteBoy shrieked and squealed in mockery of the fabulous and long-awaited kissing scene with Harm and Mac - his cruel attempt to ruin the scene the entire evening for me.

FavoriteBoy had seen many JAG episodes as a kid, but I grew up in the sticks with no TV reception, so when we began watching the early episodes shortly after we got married it was a new discovery for me. We skipped season 1 because FavoriteBoy assured me that all the characters were better cast beginning in the second season. We started with season 2 and proceeded to watch straight through 9 seasons of this fabulous show.

When we reached season 10 about a month ago, the following conversation took place:

SarahMarie: What will we do when we've finished all the episodes of JAG?
FavoriteBoy: We could always watch a 90's sitcom like ___ (I can't remember the title he suggested) or something.
SarahMarie: Is that a comedy? I don't think I like comedies. I probably only like military drama. I like NCIS and JAG. Once we have finished watching all the episodes we will destroy our television in homage to those great shows as a demonstration of our allegiance.
FavoriteBoy: Yes, dear.

Well, we have finished JAG but have left our television intact. There are still new episodes of NCIS to look forward to each Tuesday night, and then there's The Office on Thursday nights!

But I think I'm suffering JAG withdrawal all the same.

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