Thursday, September 27, 2007

Achieving Perfection

Check out the iWANEX professional photo retouching website. Select "Portfolio" at the top and then click each small image to see a larger one. By moving your mouse across the picture and then away from it, you can see the "before" and "after" of each shot.

Here's a little preview for you...

Some of the differences are really dramatic, particularly on the full-body shots where you can see waists nipped in and anatomy re-arranged in addition to the changes in complexion. Fascinating! Even movie stars and models don't look like they're "supposed to."


  1. wow!! i took a look at the website...that's crazy. how did society arrive at this look of perfection when it doesn't exist anywhere in real life...only at the hand of a computer photo genius? it's interesting to see which celebrities don't change all that much (it's basically just perfecting the color of the picture) and those like eva longoria who loses several inches on her waist!

    how did you come across this?

  2. or how about the one where the woman's thighs get bigger!
    that's such an interesting website!