Tuesday, September 5, 2006

The Job Search and More

My temp job ended the week before last, just before FavoriteBoy and I took our trip to Erie. Since the job ended, I have been busier than I was when I was working. I've gone to PA twice -- once with FavoriteBoy, and then again with my Mom while she was out here so she could see the church and reception hall and meet the future in-laws. I've found and ordered a wedding dress. (That was an ordeal!) I've interviewed for a temp agency that specializes in placing people in publishing jobs. I've made a million phone calls about insurance, wedding stuff, changing my mailing address, finding a job and/or finding more music students, and much more.

I seem to be making progress in the realm of finding a job that actually relates to my degree in music. If things go well, I'll be getting quite a few little violin students in the next few weeks! I'm excited about that.

Things in my apartment are constantly improving. It's getting cleaner, tidier, and more home-y each day! While Mom and I were in PA, FavoriteBoy stayed behind with a key to my apartment, and surprised me by doing some painting, cleaning, and organizing! He's the best. Right now I'm on campus at Gordon, listening to him practice the piano while I make use of the network connection. Orchestra is rehearsing over in the chapel, and I'm feeling kind of sad about being an alumna and missing my practicing, rehearsing, and learning as a student. Wow, how lame.

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  1. Oooh, I want to see your dress.

    Hey crazy-almost-married-lady, I couldn't possibly be more single. So check out my new blog at www.multifunctionalhemispherectomy.blogspot.com.

    There is indeed a story behind the title (sort of), but I haven't bothered to explain yet.