Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sarah Marie The Industrious Fix-It Woman

It looks as though progress is finally being made on the front of getting internet access in my apartment. In fact, by tomorrow evening, I should be all set. I can't wait.

I've observed that it's tricky to plan this wedding without internet access readily available to look up phone numbers, email a variety of people, stay in touch with bridesmaids, and search for the best prices on things.

I've been getting quite a few calls about violin lessons. I'm pretty thrilled about that. I've met several of my new students already, and I think I'm going to enjoy teaching them.

Work on the apartment continues. Sanding, painting, vacuuming, drilling, replacing doorknobs and faucets, scrubbing, mopping... it feels a little bit endless, but it's very rewarding. It was nice having my Mom out here to visit; she was so encouraging about the place. She really seemed to like it. I should post pictures sometime soon.

I just joined, which I'm hoping will provide some useful (and free!) advice on getting things organized. From what I've read so far, it seems that a lot of her advice is pretty obvious; however, I also saw some suggestions I liked. A few years ago, I would have declared myself a hopelessly disorganized and cluttered person. Now, I'm surprised by how industrious I can be, how well I can plan ahead, and how organized I am getting. I suppose it's largely just growing up, but I also attribute it in part to my violin teacher, Mr. B. He had a way of whipping all aspects of my life - not just my violin playing - into shape. He is wonderful. I miss having lessons with him.

In other news, check out BluebirdBlogs. Some very nice designs, and this contest offering a free blog makeover to two lucky winners.

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