Friday, April 28, 2006

Post-Recital Funk

The trouble with not posting in a while is that the longer I wait, the more overwhelming the task of updating this thing becomes.

My recital is over, and it went fairly well. I played Prokofiev Sonata No. 2 in D Major, Mendelssohn Sonata in F Major, and Wieniawski Polonaise Brillant in A Major, Op. 21. My family came, and it was great to have them here. I survived the recital, and it was great to be done with it. Lots of people came, even though it was the day after Easter. People from church came, too. FavoriteBoy accompanied me. And that's about all I can think of to say about that. Oh, except that my teacher was very happy with the whole thing, and his wife (orchestra co-director, chamber music coach, etc.) was very happy too.

In other news, FavoriteBoy planned and executed wonderful music for the Easter service at his church job, and it was especially nice since my family was out here for the whole weekend. Also, FavoriteBoy got chosen for the Presser Scholarship, and received the award in the Honors Convocation Chapel (a.k.a. Most Depressing Chapel Of The Year). I was proud. Finally, I have been applying for various jobs. I've gotten one rejection (ouch), one acceptance, and several up-in-the-airs. I don't know what to do at this point.

I've been generally depressed and in a funk all week, and maybe even to some degree ever since my recital. Sometimes I just want to sit around feeling sorry for myself for having no life, no prospects of a shiningly wonderful future, and no idea what to do with myself for the present. The scary thing is, with many of my obligations finished for the year, I really can just sit here in my room in my depressed depressing depression. Wow.


  1. It's the post-concert blues. I get them all the time. I'm glad your concert was a success! My recital was on Friday and went really well. Now I'm off to practice because the blues haven't set in yet, and that's very unusual!

  2. Hey Sarah, I forgot to mention it earlier, but your hair and face look just gorgeous in these pictures. And I like the dress too. It looks very East Coast and it works on you. :)

  3. Ooh, I want a readable music history textbook too!! :-)

    I'm glad to hear that your recital went well - Congratulations!! I agree, you and your dress looked beautiful and definitely far more sophisticated than the junior prom look you were trying to avoid.

    Thanks for the updates, and congrats on the job too.