Sunday, April 2, 2006

From My Very Own Camera

Last night I finally installed the software that lets me upload pictures from my digital camera! I know... I've had the camera since Christmas; I have no reasonable explanation for why it took me this long to install the software and get the pictures I've taken onto my computer! Now that I know how to do it though, I'll be able to do so more frequently.

Here are some highlights from the past three months...

My brother and me on Christmas morning:

My sister came to visit over Christmas break! Here's my cute baby nephew:

FavoriteBoy and me after somebody's recital he accompanied:

Whoah, fog looks like this when you take a picture with the flash (that's Holly amidst the fog):

FavoriteBoy and me at a concert he played in Lexington:

Blizzard day!

Time to go practice... more photos to come soon!

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