Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Fashion Dos and Don'ts

I now have my outfit for my Junior recital this spring. I love it. Yesterday I tried it on for my mother, my father, and my friends the Hilds. They all approve. It will be great. It is just the thing for me. It is not quite normal or predictable, but it is elegant and classy and nice and very cool.

This morning so far I have I made a paper snowflake, had coffee in my Wheaton College mug, and wandered through the house being so strange that my mother can't figure out why I am so hyper.

The other thing that I did this morning was to unearth some old vintage things that I discovered over the summer in an old house that my family helped clean out. Here is something that is wicked cool: Fashion Dos and Don'ts for the Plump Girl. It's from the 40's, and apparently it's "by Colette, the internationally known stylist, dress designer, and fashion authority." It's full of great sketches - all of them classic 40's - and fabulous advice! If you ask me, it would do us all good to heed the words of Colette! And to make things even greater, I have three other books beside this one for plump girls: one for "The Short Girl," one about "Hats, Hair-do's, and Makeup," and finally, one simply entitled "How to be Beautiful." Well good! I've been wondering. Let me share with you all some priceless advice from Colette.

First, a few of my favorite excerpts from For the Plump Girl (all these words are accompanied by very helpful illustrations):
1) If short heavy type - Don't wear your jacket or coat open because it draws attention to the inside figure. Do have the long tuxedo front for most slenderness in sizes 40 to 44.
2) If bust is large, hips small - Don't accentuate the bust with broad horizontal lines. Do reduce the bust contour with vertical lines, vestee effect.
3) If short, pudgy - Don't gamble on the fitted, long-haired jacket. Do flatter your figure in short-haired, straight slim fur jacket.
4) If weight is unevenly distributed - Don't choose big, novelty stripes. Do wear tiny or, at most, medium-sized stripes.
5) If you are definitely stout - Don't try to wear what is intended only for the sylph-like figure. Do choose the redingote ensemble. For spring, the navy wool coat with navy-and-white dotted crepe dress is most flattering.
6) If short heavy blonde, fat round face - Don't go for knits. Avoid all clinging fabrics and two-piece things. Do choose redingote ensembles and straight full-length coats. Hats with upward lines.
7) If you are fat - Don't have all-around skirt fullness. Do have concentrated skirt fullness - center-front or side-front fullness good.
8) If 5 Ft. 2 In., 160 lbs., flabby - Don't shake corsetless no matter how hot the day. Avoid exposing large arms, legs, hips. Do control silhouette. Black sheer, longer skirt and sleeves slenderize. Expose only plump chest in flattering square neckline.
9) If you are a plump young gardener - Don't bulge in sleazy overalls. Do leave fat spots to the concealing mercies of the dirndl and a soft blouse.
10) If you have spreading hips - Do choose soft slacks and cover up with long jacket always. Don't wear pants or overalls that are merciless to the broad beam.
11) If you've a squarish figure - Do uncover your waistline. Don't choose the square silhouette. Gives you a dumpy, squat look.
12) If you're pleasingly plump - Don't wear severe, straight lines. Do express your personality in round lines even though plump. Highlight your plump chest and round arms.

And those are just some of my favorites.

(My friends, I wish you could see these wonderful sketches... they illustrate Colette's points perfectly.)

Now, a few excerpts from How to be Beautiful:
1) "If acne is marring your appearance, making you uncomfortable and unhappy, as it is so many others, remember that it's not having acne but keeping it that is the disgrace!"
2) "If you are a married woman, it's your duty and privilege to make a home for your husband, to be a charming hostess to his friends as well as your own. You'll play this part best only if you look your best. To be well-groomed is an important part of your responsibility."
3) "Because it is a time for adjustment, the first years of marriage are said to be the most difficult. You cannot just stop using beauty aids when you get married, but will you expect your husband to get used to seeing you with cream on your face and curlers in your hair? Why disillusion him when it is just as easy to apply your cream when you ake your bath and to put your hair up in curlers during the day? It isn't a matter of keeping these things a secret from him, but it is just simple psychology that the finished product is more appealing than the process."
4) "Personal cleanliness and personal daintiness are essential to a happy marriage. Without them there can be neither allure nor respect. Get in the habit of taking at least one bath a day. Make it a practice to use a deodorant and an anti-perspirant all year around."
5) "A lovely complexion is not difficult to acquire and maintain. All it requires is the investment of a little time and the intelligent application of simple, proven methods. Whatever your age, you can and should have an attractive, healthy skin. It is important to your happiness and success."

Well my friends, that's just some of the marvelous advice that Colette has to offer!

Wow, this is the best book I've ever had!

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