Wednesday, January 12, 2005

1) Back at school. Yay!

2) Classes started today. Boo!*

3) First violin lesson today. Yay-ish-ness?

4) Elijah is going to be so cool.

5) I am going to practice lots this year.

6) Check this out. Cool.

7) Check this out, too. My high score is 60,900. (Using the web version.) Comment if you play. Tell me if you beat my high score. Then I can waste even more time playing this game, once I start getting competitive!

8) Chapel today was actually good. (I want to make a particular note of this because it's not often that this happens.) Like, really good. I actually remember what it was about. And Greg Carmer was the one who spoke, introducing this semester's chapel theme, and he mentioned Michael Behe! So that's cool, of course.

9) I don't really like school that much. I love being here at school, and I love my friends, and I love living in my wonderful apartment, and I love the music department, and my violin teacher is super. What I don't love is, well, most of my classes. I don't really mean to whine about it; I realize that the vast majority of people only have a few really exceptional professors or really wonderful classes in the course of their college education. I'm just saying that I realized something lately: I get frustrated with things at school because what I'm really looking for in my college education is a homeschooling version of college. I really just want to teach myself all the subjects for which the homeschooling method of learning would be possible. That would be so great. I guess I've been spoiled by homeschooling.

10) I had other things to say, but I seem to have forgotten them. Well, ten is a good even number on which to end my life-in-bullet-form list. That's all for now, folks.

*I almost never buy textbooks for my classes. It's just against my principles. Except for science-y and math-y things, textbooks are usually just lame. So all it takes to really ruin my day is not only having to go to my stupid stupid stupid STUPID Writing for Dummies course, but then looking up the required books on eCampus and discovering that the list price for the textbook is about $70. Which means that the campus bookstore will be selling it for about $170. And while I could buy it from eCampus for $45, it wouldn't get here in time for me to do my first few assignments. So this is a dilemma. (Of course, the assignments are to read the textbook. And I don't read textbooks. That kind of fits into the same category as buying textbooks; it's just against my principles.) Ugh... life is so unfair when it comes to the purchasing of expensive textbooks that I'll never read again in my life. What a waste. Hmph.

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