Friday, September 26, 2003


I have now been at Gordon College for over a month. Some statistics:

Chapels attended: 7
Violin lessons: 2
Orchestra rehearsals: 3
Sectional rehearsals: 3
Hours spent in the practice room: not enough
Hours where I was in the practice room but crying instead of practicing: 0.25
Quartet rehearsals: 4
Quartet rehearsals where we’ve actually done work: 1...maybe 2...
Rode Etude I'm working on right now: No. 2
Stupid things my New Testament prof has said: I stopped counting at 17... and that was in the first week of class.
Times I’ve gone to bed without brushing my teeth: 1
Number of CDs I’ve checked out from the library: 14
Accumulated late fees at library to date: $0.20
Hours spent on stupid music history busywork: innumerable
Hours wasted by my laziness: I don’t want to think about it
Times I’ve done laundry: 2
Days until I’ll have to do laundry again (i.e. clean pairs of underwear in my drawer): 5
Times I’ve thought about liking a guy here: zero, never, not at all. Okay, fine, maybe once.

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