Sunday, September 14, 2003

I Love My Teacher

I love studying with Mr. B. At every lesson, I learn so much from him - he is an amazing violinist and a brilliant man. He not only teaches me to play the violin, but he helps me realize things about myself and how I approach all of life. He makes me set high standards of diligence and excellence and stick with those standards. He encourages me to set myself the highest standards for intonation, tone quality, sound, articulation, etc., and to use my ear as judge until I achieve those standards. He helps me integrate and make connections between the various things in my life that I love and appreciate. He takes the task of getting to know me quite seriously, as an important part of his job. He balances his criticisms very well with encouragement when appropriate and deserved. He teaches because he wants to, and he invests so much in all of his students. He and his wife got involved with the music department here at Gordon a few years ago in addition to their jobs at New England Conservatory, and not because they needed the money - they wanted to be around Christians and invest in Christian students and artists. They wanted to help push the department here towards excellence. And that is an admirable thing. Mr. B. is direct and to-the-point and efficient and enthusiastic and wonderful. (He has released several recordings - one of them was nominated for a Grammy. Get them if you like classical music. He's amazing.)

I did a Google search on him, just to remind myself what a privilege it is to study with him... to remind myself to PRACTICE MORE!!! And not to take it for granted. So yesterday I spent practically my whole day in the music department. It was enjoyable, really. And I always like feeling that I've been diligent and accomplished something. Then, at the end of the day, I relaxed and watched a movie with Nicky. Yep... it was a good day.

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