Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Holy Week, more or less

Holy Week came and went, and we are still walking {hobbling, in my broken-footed state} around in a catatonic state, humbled and grateful and all the things good church makes you but also {mostly?} exhausted.  Nathan works at a church and we have young children and I was doing Holy Week things at home and at church on top of regular work and life and a broken foot, so, I think the exhaustion was to be expected.

The Internet In All Its Glory has moved on from Holy Week, because this is 2016 and everything moves fast.  Ten years ago one could write a blog post a week after an event and consider it timely, but not today, no; it is mostly short-form social media and even where it is long-form writing it is the day-of or at worst the day-after.

And then there's me and this sweet little bloggity.

I still haven't blogged about things that happened almost three years ago that I truly meant to record in this little family space of ours.  So you won't be surprised if I'm sitting down to share a few glimpses of our Lent and Holy Week now, will you?

{our Resurrection Garden}

{a Maundy Thursday foot washing}

{the making of the hot cross buns, with little helping hands adding the raisins}

{the coffee beans, earned through small daily sacrifices noticed by Mama, and transformed into jelly beans on Easter}

{the Easter baskets}

{at church on Sunday morning}

{feasting and general festivity with friends}

Easter Sunday was a full day, and we ended up postponing our usual plastic egg hunt for the girls to another day, so a couple of days later, when it was particularly sunny and nice out, we had an egg hunt in the yard.  They wanted to wear their Easter dresses again!

 We hope you are having a joyful Eastertide!


  1. I kinda think there is never a bad time to be reminded of the joy of Easter! Yours looked beautiful and special. On Easter my husband and i and all three kids were sick, so we stayed home and enjoyed kleenex and saline spray and humidifiers. 😜 But it was a gorgeous sunny day and there is such a blessed feeling of triumph about Easter, no matter how crappy the circumstances. Also, i have been praying for you. I broke my foot by, um, stepping off the curb to get into my car. While on vacation. I still would like to pretend that didn't happen. πŸ˜‰ That was before kids, though, so it made me want to prayer for you a lot, imagining how it would be with small kids!

  2. It all looks so beautiful, Sarah! And I love the Easter egg hunt a little later in the week. After all, Easter isn't over in a day... I hope your foot is healing quickly!

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