Thursday, January 16, 2014


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I cut, glued, and stitched together some felt and foldover elastic headbands for a sweet little girl turning one this past weekend.


Earlier this week, Nell was playing with her wooden stacking toy, and suddenly she put all the pieces back where they belong, lifted the toy back onto the shelf in her bedroom, and announced, "Ah duh!" ("All done!")


We've been going through baby items lately, anticipating the arrival of our second little girl due in late April.  Nell became quite enamored with her old baby swing, wanting to press the button to hear the music over and over again.  Next thing I knew she was asking me to help her climb in.  She's probably over the weight limit, but with it being so close to the floor I figured, why not?  So into the swing she went, where she swung quite happily for fifteen minutes while I folded clothes and tidied her room.  Now, why didn't she sit in it quite so peacefully when she was a newborn?!


Our dishwasher has been in rather awful condition ever since we bought this house 2.5 years ago, but these days it's so bad it's downright humorous, I suppose.  The racks are rusty and falling to pieces, and every now and again when I'm running a cycle, I hear a crash as another piece of the dishwasher gives way and a dish falls.  This dish was one of the lucky ones, and emerged from a recent dishwasher run holding on for dear life!


  1. Just so love the dishwasher- we had a fridge like that which just would not give up the ghost! Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. Your headbands are adorable! Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration with your little darling. :)