Thursday, February 21, 2013

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{I saved the best one for last}


In Let the kid study music, already!, Liz Ryan makes some good points about the many ways that studying music, including in a college degree program, does in fact prepare students for 'the real world,' and does so quite well.
"Music kids are smart kids. They could major in anything. Do we seriously believe that a kid with a degree in musicology or piano won’t make it in the real world, and will end up playing for spare change in the subway? That’s ridiculous. Music kids outperform almost every other group of undergraduates when it comes to taking grad-school exams. They become entrepreneurs, leaders and creators, whether in the music business or somewhere else."
I am oh-so-grateful that my parents didn't deter me from pursuing a degree in violin, and in fact, encouraged it!


Have you checked out  A pretty alarming reality check regarding what it can be like to be unemployed in today's economy.

A blogger named Nell (!) guest-posted at Camp Patton recently with a bunch of ideas for healthy and simple toddler meals and snacks... but they sound perfectly delicious for adults, too!  I'm all about keeping things healthy and simple.  I can get overwhelmed by all the information out there about paleo vs. vegan vs. vegetarian vs. low carb and all those other voices in the health and nutrition debate.  Don't eat grains!  Eat more whole grains!  Only eat grains that you soak or sprout!  Only eat grains you grind yourself!  Stay away from GMOs!  Only eat organic! Overwhelming, right?  This post was a good reminder to me to keep breathing and keep it simple.  Lots of good stuff at Nell's blog, Whole Parenting Family.


Finally, my sister-in-law Jenn has broken the news on her blog!  If all goes according to plan (and what a big leap of faith, and of love, this is for Jonathan and Jenn), Nell will have a girl cousin sometime next month.

Jenn wrote a beautiful post: A Love Letter to Aleena.

I told you I was saving the best link for last.

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  1. Awww ... thanks so much for the shoutout! I really love your blog, and that your daughter has such an unusual and super great name (hee hee). I'm subscribing so I can find out what happens to my little mini-dopplegagger.

    Take care!