Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a day trip, a tooth, and a new sound

Yesterday we enjoyed the holiday and took a little drive up to some outlets in Merrimack, NH.  We have virtually no discretionary spending money these days, so it was more about the experience than doing any serious shopping.

{Although Nathan did insist on spending some money at the Lindt chocolate outlet, buying us a near-lifetime supply of hazelnut chocolate 'imperfections,' the imperfectly-shaped truffles they sell at a greatly discounted price.  And oh my, that store! I wish I had taken a picture!  Chocolate everywhere, more varieties than you can possibly imagine.  A truly beautiful sight.}

We had a great time wandering through stores with our friends Cara and Gregg and their baby Ian, looking at kitchen supplies galore and overpriced Carter's baby clothes and oh-so-unattainable $200 leather boots.

It was cold, cold, cold out.

A bit of snow was falling in picturesque flakes.

The highlight of Nathan's day was a pepperoni pizza pretzel from Auntie Anne's.

The highlight of mine was just spending time with people I love.

{Okay, and splurging on a dress from Baby Gap for Nell to wear this summer.  Even marked down to $14, it was probably the most expensive clothing item I've ever bought her, except for her baptismal dress.  But oh, so cute.}

Please ignore my disproportionately large hand and the frightening expression on my face; this photo is all about how sweet Nell is.

A student of mine gave her those perfect little polka-dot pants when she was first born.  Funny how you put away those 12-18 month size clothes for later, thinking that day feels so very far off in the future.  And then you blink and find yourself with a bin of clothes in the basement your baby has already outgrown, and it's time to pull out those sizes that once seemed so enormous.

The little ruffled sweater she's wearing was a thrift store find, and her hair clip is one I made for her.

So, we had a lovely MLK day, and then on the way home, while tending to a crying baby, I felt for the first time the sharp little edges of her very first tooth cutting through.

I must say, she's been quite brave about the whole thing.  I knew her napping seemed to be disrupted lately and thought she might be switching from three a day to just two, and she seemed a little fussy, but I actually didn't know she was cutting a tooth.  That's me, Mom of the Year, thank you very much.

Anyway, just when I thought my heart couldn't get any more full of love for this little girl we've been given, she has added to her vocabulary of 'ba ba ba' and 'va va va' and 'ya ya ya' a new babble, quite possibly the sweetest in the world:

ma ma ma

I know it's not an intentional word or naming, of course, but...

Every time she says this, things grind to a halt around here, and there are kisses, and and there is exultation, and general delight and merriment ensues.

Other mamas out there probably know the feeling.


  1. Love this post! We had so much fun with you guys :) And we got some pretty sweet deals too! i love Nell's newest sound and loved hearing her say it. And congrats on the tooth. I'd say my goddaughter is pretty awesome for being so calm about the whole process :) (at least from my perspective on seeing her yesterday).

  2. I LOVE that dress! It is seriously so adorable!

    Jude just cut his first tooth like a week ago.. these babies are sooo cute!