Friday, December 21, 2012


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Life around here has been busy.  As much as I intend to be more regular about blogging, it seems to keep getting usurped by other, more pressing matters.  What better motivation for a blog post than another installment of {pretty, happy, funny, real}?


Our Christmas tree, of course!

I like to try to make our house pretty at Christmas time.


My girl is pretty happy sitting her her new (to us) high chair, and I am happy that I found a wooden high chair with such potential for cuteness for $30 on Craigslist.  (I would have liked to have paid less for it, but I'm okay with it.)  

Still deciding whether to strip it and stain it (Nathan's vote), or to paint it... maybe white, or perhaps a cheery turquoise or other fun color?  Cast your votes, friends.  What would you do with this cute Jenny Lind style high chair?


We have an ongoing debate in our household about Christmas trees.  I like white lights and 'classy' ornaments, while Nathan likes colored lights and all the ornaments he's accumulated since his childhood.  Our compromise, which we arrived at last year, was to utilize the fake tree we discovered left in our garage when we bought this house, and have one of each!  In our living room is our real tree, with white lights and beautiful ornaments, and in our TV room is our "white trash tree," a fake tree with colored lights and ornaments like this:

Pretty funny, if you ask me.


Our coffee table is covered in Christmas crafting odds and ends right now!

I'm still scrambling to finish Christmas gifts, and at this point there's certainly no chance of having them shipped to family far away in time for Christmas.

Of course, while the mess and the late-ness of this is {real}, the coffee table is a bit of a {happy}, too, because the funky green Craigslist coffee table I bought last spring has finally begun its transformation into a black coffee table!  It still needs another coat of paint, but I'm happy every time I see it in its new shiny black state.

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  1. two things:

    regarding the high chair, my husband and I would be having the exact same debate. I'd go for a bright yellow, red, or turquoise. My husband would stain it.

    regarding the Christmas tree, it's a tough one. I like your solution a lot. My mom always did a "classy tree" so that's what I know and love... but I like the idea of having a space to hang homemade and/or tacky ornaments, too. ha!