Monday, November 12, 2012

The One Thing

The past week flew by with nary a blog post from yours truly.  I was busy rehearsing and performing Mahler's fifth symphony, and more importantly, spending time with my parents and my brother Jonathan who were in town.

I do plan to write down some highlights very soon.

In the meantime, it's Monday, and while I took a respite from The One Thing plan over the past week with family in town, I actually have pictures to post from the previous week.

One of the things I accomplished by taking on one non-essential project a day...

I made hair clips for Nell!

I've made about six or seven of them so far.  Yellow with polka dots, pink with polka dots, brown argyle, white and purple, and more.  All you need is ribbon, alligator clips, and a hot glue gun!  You can find all sorts of tutorials if you're not sure where to start, like this one from Make It and Love It.

Nell's hair is getting so long on top, I needed a way to work with it.  Cute hair clips to the rescue!

As I was gathering my supplies to make these, I couldn't find the glue sticks for my hot glue gun anywhere.  I searched my craft supplies time and again, and kept asking Nathan and Andrew, "Have you seen my bag of glue sticks?"

About the tenth time I asked, Nathan said, "Oh, your glue sticks for your GLUE GUN! I thought you just wanted one of those Elmer's glue sticks or something.  I have your glue gun glue sticks in the TV room.  I was using your glue gun to repair my speakers."

I guess I use his drill for my craft projects; he uses my glue gun for his, um, craft projects.

Makes sense.

Inspired by Mark Twain, the One Thing series is all about making life manageable by taking on one thing a day, one project or task or errand outside of the daily essentials that adds beauty or order to life.

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