Friday, September 14, 2012


It almost happened overnight.  Suddenly this week the mornings are chillier, the leaves are turning, and the air smells different.  We've had a few days now where the temperature didn't go over 70.  It's autumn, fast approaching.

I wrote this post two years ago, but it puts into words exactly the way I feel about the seasons, and it's as true this September as it was in September of 2010.

* * *
Why does it continue to surprise me, year after year, that I love all the seasons in New England? Each March it seems that I can't bear to see one more muddy, dreary snowdrift pushed up against a curb, or to button my coat against the bone-chilling cold one more time. Just when I think I'll go crazy from the endless grey skies and cold winds, the daffodils outside my front door peek through the ground. I welcome spring and all its signs of new life. Spring leads to summer, and in June and July, I am certain that summer is my favorite season. I want summer to last forever. I love the feel of the sun on my skin while I run in the mornings, or work in my garden, or go to the beach with friends. 
Suddenly, September sneaks up on me, and I notice that the first of the leaves have already turned. I reach for tights to put on with my skirts, for flats instead of flip-flops, and for favorite scarves that have been put away for the past four months. I remember that I love fall - that maybe, in fact, fall is my favorite season. It rains while I'm driving home from Boston, and I turn off the radio to fully immerse myself in the sound of the rain on my car roof, the rhythm of my windshield wipers, and the nostalgic reminder this is of autumns and winters past. I want to have a mug of hot tea the minute I get home, to curl up under a blanket with a good book. 
And as I think of that, I think of winter, and how nice it'll be to have snowfall in a few months, to make hot chocolate for the two of us to enjoy on the occasional lazy morning, to read on the couch with my favorite grey fleece pants to keep me warm. And there will be Christmas, as wonderful as it always is, with Christmas concerts to play and Christmas music to sing and joyful times with family and friends. Come February or March, the snow will become mixed with mud and we'll all long for the sun to come out. Spring bulbs will finally poke their pale green heads above the frosty ground, and the cycle will go on as it always has.
The arrival of each season surprises me, year after year, with its beauty and charm. Just as I'm growing a bit tired of one, the next one sweeps me off my feet.
Summer of 2010, I loved you.
But oh...
I love autumn in New England.
* * *

I love each season's arrival, but if I had to pick a favorite, it might be Autumn.

I love the flowers and sunshine and carefree days of summer, but in the end, I love crisp fall weather and hearty fall soups and cozy fall clothes too much for summer to be my favorite.  Give me tights, boots, and a cardigan with a mug of tea in my hand any day over shorts and tank tops and lemonade.


  1. Great post. Thanks for re-posting it. I love the seasons too. I'm ready for fall - probably my favorite,as well!

  2. That was said so perfectly! I feel the exact same way. I just love the seasons.. they are just one more thing that makes life lovely ;)