Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Week

Tuesday marked one week of Nell's life in the outside world.  We celebrated the occasion with cake.

Nell's accomplishments so far include:

~ Sneezing (usually in twos, occasionally in threes, almost never a single sneeze at a time) ~

~ Poking her fingers in her eyes with alarming precision ~

~ Crossing her eyes like a pro ~

~ Sticking her tongue out ~

~ Sucking her thumb (or her wrist or arm when she can't find her thumb) ~

~ Sleeping four to five hours at a time at night ~

~ Having her Dad wrapped around her little finger ~

~ Eliciting oohs and aahs from everyone who sees her ~

The first week in review

First day at home (less than one day old):

Two days old:

saying goodbye to Story and Mercy

Three days old:

Four days old:


meeting one of her grandmas

and a grandpa, too

chillin' with Dad

Five days old:

Grandma took a break from making us delicious meals to hold a sleepy Nell

listening to Dad play the piano

Six days old:


don't tell me this isn't a smile... I know infants supposedly don't smile this young, but I am convinced that our girl does!

One week old!

We love this baby girl!


  1. What great pictures, and what a beautiful baby girl! I love that picture of Nell on Nathan's lap while he is playing the piano. And I think new babies smile too. :-)

  2. Hey, Mom made it out there the first week! (I didn't know that - glad it worked out.) I love the photo of Nell on Nathan's lap while he's playing the piano. That girl is going to know more about music before she's four than most people know in a lifetime. :)

  3. I love love love all the pictures! She is the cutest little thing! And not so little anymore according to the first post I read:) Yes, babies do smile that young. We decided there was a difference between a social smile (in response to external stimuli) and a smile that they just have on their face because they feel content and that all is right in their world from inside themselves. I think they can even have a social smile pretty darn young, too.