Sunday, March 4, 2012

weekend highs and lows

It really hasn't been the best of weekends for me. I mean, there have been good things, for sure, but then I came down with my third cold in a row, which basically means I've been sick for over a month, almost constantly, which is not okay with me.

And the really low point of the past few days? Realizing on Saturday when I went to practice that I have no idea where my entire stack of sheet music is. I had it on Friday when I left quartet rehearsal. Did it fall out of my case without my noticing? Did I take it out and put it somewhere and forget where? I keep wracking my brain trying to remember what could have happened and coming up with nothing. It's among the most frustrating feelings ever. Have I mentioned that I have to give my master's recital in four little weeks? And now my music -- all of it -- has gone missing. So, to say that I'm panicking about this might be an understatement.

Of course I can buy new music if it doesn't turn up, but those parts had all my fingerings and bowings, every comment from my teacher that I wrote down, every thing I was working on. So the loss is more significant to me than just the sheet music itself.

Today I stayed home from church, sick in bed, dozing on and off all morning. And I had to miss a get-together with friends I had really been looking forward to. When Nathan and Andrew got home, Andrew offered to make me a breakfast burrito. Egg, hash browns, and what I call "soysages" -- you know, those meatless breakfast sausages. He brought it to me in bed.

It was delicious.

While I ate we talked about an orchestra concert he was going to, and I said, "I wish I could play in that orchestra, it sounds like fun."

Andrew replied, "I have already submitted your resume. They are looking for pregnant women in their late twenties."

Haha. If only landing orchestra jobs were that easy, right?

So, there were bright points in an otherwise dismal couple of days.

Another bright spot?

Hearing Nathan's arrangement of the National Anthem performed, under his direction, for the third year in a row by the Massachusetts All-State Chorus in Symphony Hall yesterday.

{those enthusiastic high school kids are prompt about putting stuff up on youtube}

If you had seen me during this, hand over my heart, you might have seen a single tear of pride slip down my right cheek.

I blame pregnancy hormones.


  1. Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry about your music! That's a terrible loss. I'll pray that it turns up somewhere stupid (like in the refrigerator) and isn't lost for good.

    Nathan's arrangement is amazing, as usual. :)

  2. That might be the very best arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner ever. And our son-in-law wrote it! How cool is that?!