Friday, February 3, 2012

26 weeks

One of my violin students said to me last week, "Sarah, how can you be having a baby when you don't even look like you're having a baby?"

She's in third grade and totally one of my favorites. {Not that I have favorites, because good teachers love all their students equally, I'm sure.}

Anyway, I stood up and showed her the side view of Baby, but she still seemed a little skeptical.

I guess that to some degree how pregnant I look on a given day depends in part on what I'm wearing. Today I started the day off in a skirt (non-maternity; just a regular skirt with an elastic waist). Looking thick around the middle and definitely not normal, but maybe not obviously 26 weeks pregnant.

By evening I was ready to get out of that pair of tights, so I changed into a pair of maternity jeans. Hello, Baby! Much more apparent, I think.

Other than maternity pants, f0r now I'm still mostly wearing my regular shirts and loose-fitting sweaters, a few high-waisted dresses, and any elastic-waisted skirts. We'll see how much longer that keeps working...!


  1. We love YOU, and we love your baby. Thanks for the updates on both.

  2. I love the letters to your baby. Keep them up! And we can't wait to see all three of you!

  3. You look Beautiful Sarah! Love you and miss you!

  4. You look great, Sarah! I definitely see that cute little baby bump :) Love the skirt and cardi look in the first picture!